About Vote Mob

VOTE MOB is NOT an organization. We’re a network of informal teams, crews, artists, and local partners who organize to vote in a way that is similar to organizing a surprise birthday party or a Facebook event. VOTE MOBS are fun, creative, and tap existing social networks.

The VOTE MOB Model

Instead of the traditional model of volunteers knocking on random doors, or standing on street corners asking “are you registered to vote?” VOTE MOBS go where folks are at and do wild and crazy things. Registering and voting is just the beginning. VOTE MOBS do giant flash mobs, public art, direct action, social media, bar crawls, spread memes, the whole nine. One of our signature actions is home-made local voter guides that give a smart-mouthed, opinionated (but well-researched) take on the candidates to help you cast informed votes up and down the ballot –from School Board on up.

The model is inspired by Canadian students who organized HUGE crazy VOTE MOBs all over Canada in just a couple of days.

We are still inventing VOTE MOB – collectively! A huge part is what YOU invent and teach us. We are talent scouting for creative trouble-makers. Come join us.

Want to form a local VOTE MOB in your neighborhood, town or campus? Get in touch!